Can Turtles Eat Apples? What You Need to Know

Turtles are amazing animals that need special food. Can they eat apples? Yes! But, remember to feed them the right way.

Offer variety in their diet. Aquatic plants and insects are the main meals, however, fruits and vegetables are tasty treats. Apples offer vitamins and fiber, but take out the seeds and core, as they can harm digestion. Cut the apple into small pieces, so no choking!

Be aware that not all apples are good for turtles. Avoid overly ripe or spoiled ones, as these may irritate their stomachs. Only give fresh, crisp apples as a special treat.

The Turtle Rescue League confirms that a balanced diet is essential for turtle health. So, while turtles can eat apples, remember moderation and preparation are key.

Can Turtles Eat Apples?

Can Turtles Eat Apple

Yes, turtles can eat apples! But don’t forget, apples should only be an occasional snack, not part of their main diet.

Here are 6 considerations when feeding turtles apples:

  • Offer them in small slices or cubes to avoid choking.
  • Remove any seeds or cores.
  • Peel them first, as unpeeled apples may have pesticides.
  • Apples provide vitamins and fiber, helping with digestion.
  • Turtles have different dietary needs depending on species.
  • Consult with a vet for specific recommendations.

Turtles have their own preferences, so observe their response and adjust their diet. A fun fact – in ancient China, there was a legendary turtle called Fu Xi. He had a special fondness for apples and would often eat them. It was said that eating apples made Fu Xi wise and bestowed him with knowledge.

Preparing Apples for Turtles

Preparing Apples for Turtles

Apples can be a good food for turtles. But, you need to prepare them right.

Here are four ways:

  1. Peel and remove the seeds. Turtles can’t digest them well.
  2. Cut into small pieces. This way, it’s easy for turtles to eat.
  3. Steam or cook the apples. This makes them softer.
  4. Give in moderation. Too much can upset their system.
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Also, some turtles may have their own preferences. Red apples are popular, but some might like green or different types. Observe your turtle to find out.

One turtle who loves apples is Sheldon. His owner, Rachel, found out when she was eating one herself. She offered Sheldon a piece and he gobbled it up! From then on, he got excited when he saw an apple being cut. He ate every piece Rachel gave him. It made Rachel happy to see him so excited over a simple treat.

Feeding Apples to Turtles

Feeding Apples to Turtles

Turtles can gain hydration from apples! That’s because they contain lots of water. Plus, they have Vitamin C which helps their immune systems. Fiber in apples also aids digestion and encourages bowel movements.

But, remember to remove the seeds before feeding, as they have small amounts of cyanide, which could be harmful.

The Turtle Rescue League agrees that offering a variety of fruits, including apples, can keep turtles healthy and content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can turtles eat apples?

A: Yes, turtles can eat apples. Apples are a safe and healthy snack for turtles as they are rich in vitamins and fiber. However, it is important to feed them apples in moderation and ensure they are cut into small, bite-sized pieces to avoid choking hazards.

Q: Are all turtle species able to eat apples?

A: While most turtle species can safely consume apples, it is always recommended to consult a veterinarian or reptile expert to ensure that apples are suitable for your specific turtle species. Some turtles may have dietary restrictions or specific nutritional needs.

Q: Can feeding apples to turtles be harmful?

A: If fed in excess, apples can be harmful to turtles. Apples contain natural sugars that can upset the turtle’s digestive system if consumed in large quantities. Additionally, the high acidity in some apple varieties may cause gastrointestinal issues. Remember to provide apples as an occasional treat, not a primary food source.

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Q: Should apples be the only food in a turtle’s diet?

A: No, apples should not be the only food in a turtle’s diet. Turtles require a balanced and varied diet that includes vegetables, leafy greens, protein sources, and commercial pellets specifically made for turtles. Apples can be a healthy addition to their diet but should not replace other essential food items.

Q: Are there any alternatives to apples for turtles?

A: Yes, there are many other fruits and vegetables that turtles can enjoy apart from apples. Some suitable alternatives include strawberries, blueberries, grapes, carrots, cucumbers, and leafy greens like kale and spinach. It is crucial to research the specific dietary needs of your turtle species and provide a diverse range of foods.

Q: Can apple seeds be harmful to turtles?

A: Yes, apple seeds can be harmful to turtles. Apple seeds contain traces of cyanide, which is toxic to turtles and can lead to health complications if consumed in significant amounts. Make sure to remove all seeds and core from the apples before feeding them to your turtle.


Turtles can indeed savor apples, but only in moderation. The vitamins and minerals found in apples are beneficial for turtles’ health. Apples also contain lots of water and dietary fiber, and the sugary taste gives turtles an energy boost.

However, too much apple consumption can cause weight gain and digestive problems. It’s also important to remove the seeds and core before feeding them to turtles, as they can be harmful.

Surprisingly, some turtle species actually prefer strawberries or blueberries to apples.

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